With extensive industry experience, Allan Properties strategy encompasses three key conceptual building blocks: value innovation, leadership and market knowledge; enabling continuing stability and growth to generate sustainable income streams.


We build on longstanding professional relationships with leading financial institutions, investors and joint venture partnerships, enabling flexibility and agility to react swiftly to opportunities in the marketplace. We seek to co-invest with like-minded stakeholders, focussed on growing an established business model which develops and matures alongside the evolvement of the company.


The strength of our business also relies on long term relationships with specialist investment agents, legal and surveying teams who provide expert advisory services on valuation and real estate law, with a skilled understanding of changeable planning legislation and regulatory controls.

The combination of trusted support staff, professional advisors and established partnerships seamlessly provides us with a secure and solid platform to adapt to changing business requirements.


Our team are focused on applying in-house skills to review the individual merits of each property opportunity and recognise short term and long-term capital growth. Our experience and joint expertise enables us to avoid potential obstacles and identify factors that add value to an investment opportunity. We maximise returns by actively managing our properties.


  • Over 25 years experience.
  • Detailed due diligence and strong managerial capabilities.
  • Core market knowledge.
  • Efficient in-house operations.
  • An emphasis on growth and long term success.
  • Substantial and mature property portfolio underpinning our business model.
  • Clear leadership and agile decision making.
  • Cash funds and liquidity. The majority of our deals are concluded without necessity for third party finance.
  • Established relationships and collaboration with joint venture partnerships and a solid rate of return for investors.
  • Acquisitive focus and passion for maximising profits.

We invite you to contact us for further information or to speak to our team about our current business or future propositions.